Webinar Series 2:
#RevUp: From Revenue Management to Revenue Optimisation

  Presented on Friday, 28 June 2019     On-Demand Webinar    Your Desk!  


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Hoteliers often ask the question, “How do we optimise the revenue performance at my hotel?” Continuing with the #RevUp webinar series, we will talk about transforming revenue management to achieve revenue optimisation.

In this webinar, we will focus on optimising business mix, demand by length of stay and group performance. Tune in as we discuss:

  • What is revenue optimisation? What is your current revenue optimisation process?
  • How do you establish a revenue optimisation culture?
  • How does big data impact on your decision making process?
  • How to optimise demand and determine the optimal business mix?

Tracy Dong

Lead Advisor
IDeaS Revenue Management Solutions

Tracy Dong is the Lead Advisor of Asia Pacific region at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, a SAS Company, based in Singapore office. She worked for InterContinental Hotels Group and Far East Hospitality, both at corporate and property level, prior to joining IDeaS.

Tracy is focused on furthering Revenue Management education across the APAC region and has in-depth experience in data analytics, forecasting, pricing strategies and revenue management standard operating procedures development. During the time with IDeaS, Tracy has been working on various projects to help hotels build strategic revenue management cultures. She has also applied revenue management principles beyond traditional hotel environments into new territories such as car parks and waterparks.


Murphy Mathew

Solution Engineer
IDeaS Revenue Management Solutions

Murphy is the Regional Solutions Engineer for Asia Pacific at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, a SAS Company. He was involved in hotel operations previously with Hyatt International, before joining IDeaS in 2011.

At IDeaS, Murphy has been involved with different teams – from data analytics, client success and user experience. Presently his focus is to work with the chains and hotels in the APAC region to ensure that they are getting the most from their systems. He works closely to align the hotel business practices and system capabilities for an effortless, efficient and successful revenue culture.

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