Virtual | October 27-28, 2021


About the Event

Discover Live 2021 is the ultimate, virtual IDeaS revenue management system (RMS) user conference. Refresh your skills and discover bold, new possibilities as you connect with your industry peers and learn from IDeaS’ team of hospitality revenue management experts.

The conference program is packed with advice for sharpening your strategies, getting the most out of your RMS, utilizing IDeaS’ latest product features, and other practical insights.

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Learning Tracks

Follow one of these three learning tracks or select from any of the concurrent sessions to customize your own agenda.



Identify new opportunities and sharpen your meetings & events and competitive strategies.


Learn new skills and build confidence on when & how to best interact with the system.


React to changing market conditions and use G3 RMS data to drive your strategies.

Conference Program

*Actual sessions and times are subject to change

7:15 AM BST | 2:15 PM SGT and 9:15 AM CDT | 3:15 PM BST


Welcome Keynote

Welcome to Discover Live 2021! Hear opening remarks and exciting announcements from Mike Chuma, Vice President of Global Marketing, Enablement and Engagement, IDeaS.

7:30 AM BST | 2:30 PM SGT and 9:30 AM CDT | 3:30 PM BST


Data-Driven Storytelling: A 3-Step Process for Turning Data Into Strategy

You have access to an abundance of data in your RMS, but what are you doing with it? This session will uncover a 3-step framework for leveraging data to inform marketing, sales and operational strategies for maximum revenue growth.


Conducting an IDeaS G2/G3 RMS System Review

Is your RMS evolving along with your market conditions? In this session, IDeaS experts will demonstrate how to conduct a periodic system audit and guide you on the proactive steps to take to ensure your RMS is fully optimized to meet changing market demands.


To Override…Or Not?

Do you know what your RMS knows? Does your RMS know what you know? Does the system know the truth? This session will help you build confidence in knowing when to interact with the system, perform overrides and how to monitor overrides for ongoing system optimization.


8:45 AM BST | 3:45 PM SGT and 10:45 AM CDT | 4:45 PM BST


IDeaS G2 & G3 RMS Trivia Games

Test your G2 or G3 RMS knowledge with a fun and interactive live quiz.


9:45 AM BST | 4:45 PM SGT and 11:45 AM CDT | 5:45 PM BST


Transform Your Group Business Strategy

COVID-19 had a dramatic impact on group business, and the post-pandemic world will not look like the one we’ve left behind. In this session, industry experts will provide guidance on using RMS data to understand group demand and adjusting your meetings and events strategy for evolving market conditions.


What Business Practices Make Your Forecast Uncertain?

Out of order rooms, cancellations and no-shows, complimentary upgrades—how your business handles common inputs like these in your reservation system has a significant impact on the quality of your RMS data. This session will explore how you can advocate for reservation and business best practices that promote data integrity, reduce uncertainty and enable better G3 RMS forecasts and decisions.


What’s “Special” About Your G3 RMS Data?

A sophisticated RMS requires occasional calibration to run like the well-oiled machine that it is. Amongst other inputs, G3 RMS utilizes historical data in its analytics, but it must also account for outlier periods, also known as “special events.” This session will guide you on using special events functionality to produce the most accurate forecasts and decisions.

7:00 AM BST | 2:00 PM SGT and 9:00 AM CDT | 3:00 PM BST


G3 RMS Product Roadmap & Announcements

Hear from IDeaS’ product management team about recent and upcoming product releases that will help you uncover more value from your partnership with IDeaS.


G2 RMS Market Segment Groups

Learn about new capabilities within G2 RMS’ market segment group configuration and tips for providing a solid foundation for effective system learning and forecasting.

7:30 AM BST | 2:30 PM SGT and 9:30 AM CDT | 3:30 PM BST


Navigating a Changed Competitor Landscape Part 1: Rebuild Your Competitive Strategy

Faced with a dramatically transformed marketplace, it’s time to revisit your competitive strategy. This session will provide tips for reevaluating your rate shopping, business mix, and competitive market strategies to capture the most market share during recovery and beyond.


Leveraging Your RMS During Periods of Low Demand

During periods of low demand, you’re vying for a larger slice of a smaller pie. This session will reveal tips for adjusting your RMS settings and management strategies to capture the most market share during periods of low demand.


Elevating Internal Meetings with G3 RMS Data

As a G3 RMS user, you understand the importance of using facts and data—not emotion or gut instinct—to drive business decisions. This session will equip you with tips on pulling meaningful data from G3 RMS to prepare for regular team meetings, create transparency, improve communication, inform business strategy and respond to reporting requests.


8:45 AM BST | 3:45 PM SGT and 10:45 AM CDT | 4:45 PM BST


Open Q&A with System Experts

IDeaS’ Client Training Specialists will be on stand-by to answer your questions and provide greater clarity around enhancing your RMS performance. There is no formal agenda or format—come and go as you please, bring a question, mingle with your fellow IDeaS users or just listen in.


G3 RMS New Feature Highlights

You asked, we listened! IDeaS product experts will highlight a few exciting new G3 RMS features developed from client feedback. See a demo of each feature, ask questions and learn how these features might benefit your business.


9:45 AM BST | 4:45 PM SGT and 11:45 AM CDT | 5:45 PM BST


Navigating a Changed Competitor Landscape Part 2: Putting Your Competitive Strategy Into Practice

Now that you’ve reinvented your competitive strategy for a COVID and post-COVID environment, a panel of IDeaS system and industry experts discuss the tactics necessary to ensure your RMS incorporates the appropriate competitive insights amid changing market conditions.


Changing the Forecast Conversation

Do you measure forecast accuracy to assess the effectiveness of your revenue management program? Learn how shifting your focus from forecast accuracy to forecast performance can save time and deliver more value to your organization.


What Factors are Impacting My Pricing and Performance?

Learn how to use the Pricing Investigator feature and pricing and booking pace reports in IDeaS G3 RMS to identify pricing and performance trends and proactively address questions from key stakeholders.

10:45 AM BST | 5:45 PM SGT and 12:45 PM CDT | 6:45 PM BST


Closing Keynote and 6+ Resources for Ongoing RMS Support

Hear closing remarks and a conference recap from Mo Khanat, Vice President of Global Account Management, IDeaS, and take a guided tour of self-service resources for solving common RMS and business challenges.


Discover Live will be held on October 27-28, 2021, with most sessions to be held twice daily to accommodate attendees in different time zones.

Can’t make it during those dates or times? All sessions will be available to conference registrants on demand on the Discover learning platform. The content will be available after the conference through the remainder of 2021.

You’ll join IDeaS product and hospitality industry experts and members of the IDeaS G2 and G3 RMS user community including revenue managers and directors from economy to full-service hotels, boutique and luxury properties, resorts, casinos, extended stay and serviced apartments and outdoor accommodations providers.

While some content may be applicable to users of other IDeaS software products or other stakeholders within your organization, this conference is primarily focused on users of IDeaS G2 and G3 RMS.

Conference attendees must have a valid Discover account that matches their registration information. If you do not have Discover access, contact your IDeaS system administrator. If you have additional questions, contact your IDeaS representative.

Discover Live 2021 is being brought to you free of charge, included with your IDeaS subscription.

Attendees can select from a variety of learning sessions designed to provide guidance for building and refining revenue strategy, maximizing the value of your RMS and tips and tricks for interacting with IDeaS solutions.

Attendees will also learn how to utilize the latest product features and hear about an exciting new opportunity to prove their G3 RMS skills and advance their careers. See the full agenda here.

Please register by October 15, 2021. After this date, registered attendees will be granted access to the live event in the Discover learning platform.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, contact your IDeaS representative.

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Note: Conference attendees must have a valid Discover account that matches their registration information. If you do not have Discover access, contact your IDeaS system administrator. If you have additional questions, contact your IDeaS representative.