Moving Beyond the Myths
of Revenue Management

Why boutique hotels can't afford to do it manually anymore.

The Growing Case for Revenue Technology

Many boutique and independent hotel owners hesitate to invest in revenue technology due to outdated misconceptions. However, modern revenue management systems are now user-friendly, feature-rich, and highly automated. They also cater to properties with limited staff.

To debunk these myths, we've gathered insights from industry leaders, demonstrating how investing in a high-performance RMS can drive market share and profitability for any property.

Our whitepaper will dispel these common myths:
  • We're doing just fine manually
  • We're already maxing out on revenue
  • Revenue systems are only for big-box, chain hotels
  • A simple pricing tool is all we need
  • We don't have enough revenue expertise
  • An RMS would replace the revenue manager
  • We could never convince ownership

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