Unleashing Revenue Potential

Business Revenue Research

Download the full research reports conducted by Benchmark Research Partners, The Caterer and IDeaS.

The hospitality landscape is evolving faster than you can keep up and it's time to embrace the future of hospitality with confidence and purpose.

Consumer preferences change, new technologies emerge, and trends come and go. Since the end of 2022, there have been more technological advancements in the span of a few weeks than in years before.

We wanted to learn how hotel owners are using revenue management to drive investment returns today, so we worked with Benchmark Research Partners to conduct an executive survey. 

Dozens of leaders at hotel ownership/investment firms participated in the study, representing a range of portfolio sizes and investment strategies. 

This report will give you insights on:
  • How the views of revenue management have changed recently
  • Which metrics owners are watching most closely now
  • The revenue strategies hoteliers are using today
  • Ways to drive cash flow and asset performance
  • The usefulness of technology in driving hotel revenue (and its ROI) 
    …and more


Download the reports: