Parking Webinar Series: #3 (Session 2)
From Forecasting to Future-casting

  Presented on 10 Oct 2019   On-Demand     Your Desk!


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A critical component of effective revenue management, forecasting has many different flavors, short, long term, pick-up, pace-based, unconstrained...this should be standard practice today. But in 2019, we need more sophistication to effectively handle the analytical demands presented by the volume, variety, value and volatility of our data.

In this webinar we turn the spotlight on how advanced forecasting methods in parking can help strategically plan for an organization's future. We’ll evaluate underlying industry dynamics, predictive analysis, and a variety of strategies to help develop an insightful vision of the future. How can we apply this effectively to revenue management in the parking world? Join us to find out!

What you will learn:

  • What factors influence a forecast? 
  • How does demand impact forecasts – and how do we ‘un-constrain’ demand for a truer picture? 
  • How does uncertainly impact my forecast?
  • How should special events be handled?
  • How do internal and external events affect my data and influence my forecasts?

Neil Corr

Senior Account Executive Parking, EMEA
IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Neil is an established sales and revenue management professional with 20+ years of experience in hospitality and parking. With a track record of creating new teams, project and change management at an enterprise level and as a strategic management consultant for the past six years with IDeaS, Neil is focused on enabling organizations across EMEA to harness data science to optimize revenue for airport and city parking assets through leading technology and domain expertise.


Olivia Van

Senior Account Executive, Parking
IDeaS Revenue Solutions

With over 14 years of experience in the field of Revenue Management and Pricing, Olivia Van has worked in a myriad of industries including hotels, online travel, television and travel insurance. As Senior Account Executive for Parking at IDeaS in Asia Pacific, she is focused on driving commercial growth for parking businesses through intelligent pricing and analytical solutions.

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