Parking Webinar Series: #4
Start. Scale. Optimize.

  Presented on 7 Nov, 2019   ON-DEMAND   Your Desk!



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This webinar focuses on the various facets of implementing a revenue management strategy in your parking organization—from researching technology partners, preparing your business and purchasing pricing tools to system implementation and ongoing optimization. We pose some key questions to revenue management professionals that have been through this process themselves and now mentor others through their revenue management journey. 

The considerations can feel endless when looking for the right solutions to grow and scale your business.

  • Hear from industry experts about what to expect
  • What the real challenges are
  • Tips for achieving incremental revenue—fast

This session is not just theory – it’s a real discussion from parking professionals focused on guiding you on your path to success.



Ray Middleton

Principal Industry Consultant
IDeaS Revenue Management Solutions

Ray has more than two decades of hands on pricing and revenue management experience. While living in the United Kingdom, he was involved in the development, installation and ultimate use of a revenue management system specific to car rentals. After returning to New Zealand Ray was a revenue management leader in the parking industry, evolving their operations from a manual to automated approach and achieving great successes in revenue optimization. Ray is highly valued among his peers for his enthusiasm and pragmatic approach. He understands real world problems and technology solution, coupled with people and processes can bring value to the bottom line.


Digna Martinez Kolar

Regional Head of Advisory Services, Americas
IDeaS Revenue Management Solutions

Working intimately with hotels and parking businesses all over the world, Digna has a strong global background in operations, revenue management, consulting and strategic pricing. As senior advisor at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, she leads advisory services initiatives for the Americas region, assisting companies of all sizes to build and enhance their total revenue performance and price optimization capabilities.

Prior to joining IDeaS, Digna earned an MBA in Hospitality Management IMHI, a joint program of Cornell University and ESSEC, and spent 11 years in revenue and pricing management leadership roles at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). Digna helps clients build sustainable revenue management cultures in multi-cultural and diverse organizational environments.

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