Getting Started Guide

Meetings & Events Revenue Strategy

Learn how to take advantage of today's M&E environment to unlock your full revenue potential.

Can you hear the roar? That's right, meetings & events are back. According to Knowland, meetings & events in the US are forecasted to recover to 106.4% of 2019 levels in 2023, and it has never been more important to unlock the full potential of your function space. Learn how to take the principles of revenue management beyond the guest room and build rock-solid meetings & events revenue strategies.  

In this guide, you'll learn:
  • The importance of extending revenue management beyond the guestroom
  • Key trends that are shaping meetings & events in 2023
  • How to build an effective M&E revenue team
  • Essential M&E KPIs and how to measure them
  • Steps to take to optimize your pricing and inventory
  • What to look for in M&E technology 

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