The Major Events
Strategy Playbook

A Hotelier's Guide to Pricing Your Property During Major Events

Cover of Major Events eBook

Major events across the globe - from the Olympics to the World Cup to the Super Bowl - provide area hoteliers unique opportunities to capitalize on increased demand and maximize revenue with the right hotel pricing strategy. However, if not planned and executed well, hotels risk displacing existing loyal guests, and flawed pricing strategies could lead to a half-empty hotel and high rates of no-shows.

To properly prepare your hotel for large events with local impact, you'll need to consider the strategic factors that lead to revenue increase: marketing, sales, pricing, forecasting, room booking policies and restrictions. When big events come to town, hoteliers need guidance on planning strategies to increase hotel revenue - that's why IDeaS conducted the following analysis and turned it into an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow strategic guide.

The Major Events Strategy Playbook will help you:
  • Forecast smarter and price with confidence
  • Prepare for and evaluate increased group business far in advance
  • Minimize cancellations, overbook with caution and maximize length of stay
  • Amp up ancillary revenue streams
  • Monitor often and stay agile

Download the guide to prepare for the next Big Event.