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       8 March 2021


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Convergence is upon us—the confluence of automated technology and artificial intelligence, of countless data sources, of hospitality functions and cross-functional departments, as well as multi-channel, seamless consumer brand experiences and evolving guest expectations. Join us for a series of forward-looking discussions to help you make sense of your data in a converging world.



The State of Travel Demand

A look at the current state of travel and how it is predicted to reignite in 2021.


  • Sojern - David Levine, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances
  • STR - Robin Rossman, Managing Director, Europe
  • ForwardKeys - Juan Gómez García, Sr. Insights Expert


Hospitality Technology Strategy

A strategy conversation about the latest in all things tech - new platforms, new approaches, new ways to connect and convert.


  • HAPI - Laurent Idrac, COO
  • Apaleo - Uli Pillau, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Berner & Becker - Veit Meier, Director of Operations & Development
  • Microsoft - Shane O’Flaherty, Global Director of Travel, Transportation & Hospitality
  • Guestline - Andrew Metcalfe, Chief Technology Officer


Know Your Guest

Innovative approaches to understand and service new guest needs and wants.


  • Revinate - Thomas Landen, Director of Partnerships
  • IreckonU - Margitte Verkruijsse-Reiner, VP of Commercial
  • Koddi - Chad Baldwin, VP of Sales & Business Development
  • Amadeus - Will Darrah, VP of Sales


New Normal, New Data, New Insights

How to achieve a more holistic and connected view data across departments, channels and technology systems.


  • IDeaS Revenue Solutions - Heather Ross, Product Consultant
  • Fairmas - Niels Schroeder, Managing Director
  • ProfitSword - Paul Bennie, Director of Business Development
  • Hotel Effectiveness - Del Ross, Chief Revenue Officer


Networking & Product Spotlights

A chance to connect with tech partners and learn about new products and services for the industry.


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Olga Tolle-Rodrigues

Sr. Manager of Global Alliances, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Enzo Aita

Global Head of Business Development, HyperGuest

David Levine

Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Sojern

Robin Rossman

Managing Director, Europe, STR

Juan Gómez García

Sr. Insights Expert, ForwardKeys

Laurent Idrac


Uli Pillau

Co-Founder, Apaleo

Veit Meier

Director of Operations & Development, Berner & Becker

Shane O'flaherty

Global Director: Travel, Transportation & Hospitality, Microsoft

Andrew Metcalfe

Chief Technology Officer, Guestline

Thomas Landen

Director of Partnerships, Revinate

Margitte Verkruijsse-Reiner

VP Commercial, IreckonU

Chad Baldwin

VP of Sales & Business Development, Koddi

Will Darrah

VP of Sales, Amadeus

Niels Schroeder

Managing Director, Fairmas

Paul Bennie

Director of Business Development, ProfitSword

Heather Ross

Product Consultant, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Del Ross

Chief Revenue Officer, Hotel Effectiveness

Gretchen Staubly

Global Marketing Director, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

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