Attribute-Based Pricing

What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

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Cover of Attribute Based Pricing

IDeaS has partnered with Hudson Crossing to explore the often discussed but perhaps inadequately understood concepts of attribute-based shopping (ABS) and attribute-based pricing (ABP)—the means by which a revenue manager can provide guests an ABS experience—and seek to establish a lexicon to help guide hoteliers and technology providers as the industry pushes toward these novel solutions.

We will cover the following topics in the guide:
  • What is Attribute-Based Pricing?
  • Why does Attribute-Based Pricing?
  • Paving the Path to Attribute-Based Shopping
  • Facing the Technical Challenges Using an Attribute Model in Distribution Systems
  • First Steps to Attribute-Based Pricing
  • The Unforeseen Potential of Attribute-Based Pricing
  • Embracing the Future of Revenue

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